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I would like to nominate this witch for some awards. That’s right; this lady, the candy trolley lady. You know why? This lady is always there, every fudging year, for the kids on the Hogwarts Express. She’s there with her squeaky trolly and her candy and her grey hair and her smile and her repetitive questions every. single. year. Through all of the crazy stuff going on, she’s a constant in these kids’ lives. There’s a nervous first year, going to Hogwarts for the first time? No problem, she offers him candy and that helps his nerves. There’s a sixth year student sitting there in angst over their crush? Have some chocolate, it helps with everything. Harry freakin’ Potter is dealing with who-knows-what at this time in his life? You’d better believe she is fudging there to offer him some candy. And really, if you think about it… Harry owes the candy trolley lady. It’s because of this lady, and the chocolate frogs she was selling, that he first found out about Dumbledore and Nicholas Flamel on that  little card. This lady and her trolley and her chocolate frogs indirectly helped Harry against The Dark Lord in his first year at Hogwarts. 10 points to the lady and her trolley. And this witch also attended Dumbledore’s funeral, for the record. How awesome is that? And you know what, I am willing to bet a few galleons that she helped in the Battle of Hogwarts too. She was probably doctoring people up, or walking around handing candy out to people. Yeah. Let’s make that canon, shall we? This lady is a boss in her own right, and I don’t care if she’s one of the “transforming” characters of the movie played by different actresses; hand over the awards to the candy trolley lady character in and of herself, because she deserves some recognition.

(Source: ohremus)

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